Getting Even Closer to the Edge

So I made it back from Bolivia, and while it took awhile for things to settle back down, they eventually did. And I started thinking more and more about the Profession of Faith class and whether or not I was going to sign up. It seemed that even though I wasn't totally ready yet, that this path I'm on is leading me closer and closer to the Catholic Church. I also knew that there would be no pressure to join if I didn't want to. So I signed up. I figured I was better off signing up and either not going at all or deciding later not to join than I would be not signing up and having to wait until next year and being ready to join.

So I again e-mailed the lady at church and told her I was ready. So we met again and chatted for awhile about where I was in the whole process. She again told me there was no pressure which was always nice to hear. She told me that while there is plenty of teaching and time for questions, an important part of it is also the relationships with the other people in the class. She also asked if I knew any Catholics and I told her no. She said that was fine, there were plenty of people who were signed up to sponsor people like me. And I signed up for the class! I will start on September 4th!

Again I left with this feeling of overwhelming excitement and terror at the same time! My thoughts were "What have I gotten myself into?" and "This is so exciting, I can't wait!" all at the same time.


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