I Can be Catholic Like That

One day while I was again browsing at Borders I picked up a book called "Swimming with Scapulars" by Matthew Lickona. On the back it says he combines a "premodern faith with a postmodern sensibility." Since in many ways I'm still very postmodern it sounded interesting. I started reading. Yup, another book I ended up buying.

As I was reading, I was thinking, "I could be Catholic like this guy." So often it seems like both in books and online people have it all together, they have the faith all figured out, and are perfectly secure in their beliefs about whatever the issue is. But this guy was different. He faithfully lives the Catholic teachings, but he is open and honest about the doubts he has had. He is open about the things that confuse him or don't make sense to him and he seems ok with that. He doesn't have everything figured out, but he lives what he does understand as best he can. And he doesn't seem to just throw things out when he doesn't understand them.

I really do think I can be Catholic like this guy.

Getting Even Closer to the Edge

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