Stepping Out

The next question was what does this mean for my life? It is one thing to think about all of this in the abstract and in terms of theology, but it is something totally different to think about what it means for real life. I have been very active in my church, how to I deal with that? It seemed in some ways like starting over. How to I start telling people?

My first step out was online. I started chatting in a thread for converts/reverts on the forums at Catholic Answers. It was just a baby step, but seemed lots easier to talk to people online than it was to tell people in real life.

Then I finally decided to try and talk to one of my pastors. Things came up and I finally e-mailed her and told her what I was thinking right now. She replied and was helpful and encouraging. And hopefully we will have a chance to talk later this week.

I Can be Catholic Like That

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