The Blessed Trinity: Unity in Community

What does the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity reveal to you about God? about reality? about your own life?
The doctrine of the Trinity reminds me that while we can know and reason out some things about God, at the same time, he is still a great mystery. We can think about the Trinity and try and explain it using things around us, but ultimately, it is a mystery. There is something totally "other" about it. And that is good. What kind of God would God be if we could totally explain everything?!

The Trinity also reminds me that there is more to life than that which I can experience with my senses. There are lots of things that I can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell, but there are also lots of things that I have toe experience in a different way. I have to let go and allow God to speak to my heart and my soul. And even though I may not totally understand it, just like I don't totally understand the Trinity, that is ok. It doesn't make it any less real or improtant, only different.

The doctrine of the Trinity also reminds me of the importance of community in my life. If God choose to reveal himself in this mystical relationship of the Trinity, then that says something. I need other people. And other people need me. I need the Church and I need to be an active part of it. And other people need me to be a part of their lives. God has chosen not to be only this one "thing" and I shouldn't choose to speerate myself either.

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