Jumping In

I'm not really sure how it happened, there was never any kind of big decision on my part, but all I know is at the beginning of the week I was still thinking, “this seems to be the direction I'm headed it, but I'm still not quite sure,” and by the end of the week, “I'm sure, I'm going to be Catholic.”

Like I said, there was not real deciding point. Maybe it had to do with class starting, maybe that I had talked to my protestant pastor and not really gotten any answers, maybe that I e-mailed a number of my close friends and told them what I was thinking.

Speaking of telling my friends, that went really well. I was a bit nervous, I'd heard about people loosing friends over their conversion and while I didn't think that would happen, it is still a big change! My friends were wonderful though. It was a surprise I'm sure, I hadn't told any of them about all my thinking and such, but they were encouraging and basically just said to go where God leads you and we will support you in that. That encouragement helped immensely!

First Class

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