Another place where I don't really know how my thinking changed was the Eucharist. I knew what Catholics believed about the bread and wine from the time I first started going to Mass, but at that time I wasn't really sure that I believed it. Somewhere along the way, my thinking changed. Now as I kneel there during Mass, I'm sure that this really is Jesus, right here in front of me in the Holy Eucharist.

At the end of our second class, we took a tour of the church. We learned what all of the things were and what they were for. After that, we stayed for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a powerful experience. We knelled there as the deacon brought out the Monstrance, the thing that holds the Host for Adoration. It was amazing as the deacon covered his hands, a sign that it is really God doing the blessing, and made the sign of the cross. There was this sense of of awe, this really is God!

Jumping In

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