First Class

My first class was a good experience, all of them where in fact. I was pretty nervous, a new environment, a whole bunch of people I didn't know, and I just wasn't sure yet. Everyone was really nice and really excited about the whole thing though and that excitement was catching. The leader talked some about herself and everyone on the team also got a chance to share for a minute.

One of the big things that was emphasized was that this was a process, we were all on different parts of our journey. This isn't the kind of class that you take and graduate from, it is a process. When we were ready, we would stand up in front of the church and profess to believe all the Catholic Church teaches, so we had better know what that is!

The whole process would focus on four things, catechism, learning the faith, the Bible, community, and worship. It seemed like a nice balanced approach to the whole thing.


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