The Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

The church as prophet should speak the truth; the church as priest should draw people to God; the curch as king should use its authority to serve the needs of people. In today's world, on which issues should the church take a prophetic stand? Which spiritual needs should the church address? Which people should the church serve in a special way?
The church needs to take a prophetic stand o issues related to the poor and making sure everyon has the basic necessities of life. It needs to address violence in the world.

The church needs to address the various ways in which people are searching for God. It needs to figure out how to best relate to people where they are while still maintaining the doctrine and traditions of the Church.

The church needs to serve the poor, the neglected children, people suffering from various diseases, the abused, and those who have been discriminated against.

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