Ecumenism: The Church and Other Religions

How should today's church reach out to people of other faiths?
The biggest way we should be reaching out to people of other faiths is simply as individuals in the way we live our daily lives. We need to be loving to those around us, we need to be joyful, we need to be forgiving. we should also be open about our faith. It doesn't mean we have to stand on the street corners and be obnoxious about it. We simply need to be open, to not be afraid to mention going to Mass when talking about what we did over the weekend, to pray in public, or to mention when God has helped us in some way. When we both act like Christians should and are open about why we act that way, it will do wonders to draw people to Christ.

The other important thing is to be knowledgeable about out faith and about other faiths. If we don't have a clue what we believe or have at least a basic understanding why be believe as we do, it will be awful hard to explain that to others when they ask. It also helps to know at least a little bit about what others believe. We can use the similarities as jumping off points in conversations and be more able to explain the differences. Also, when we are more educated about other's beliefs, they will be more willing to listen and we won't waste time arguing about something they don't even really believe!

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