The Communion of the Saints and the Blessed Mother

What role does Mary play in your life?
Having been a fairly typical Protestant, Mary hasn't played a huge role in my life. Sure, we read about her every Christmas, but that has been about it. There has been, however, on verse that stood out. After Jesus was born and the shepherds visited, it says in Luke (2v19) "but Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart." I have always loved this verse because that is how I tend to react to big stuff. I tend to look inward and let the thoughts and feelings roll around inside for awhile before I am comfortable expressing them. So even though Mary hasn't been a big part of my faith, I have had this small connection with her.

It is interesting that as I have learned more about the Catholic Church and drawn closer, Mary has slowly crept into my life. It hasn't been any conscious decision, just slowly thoughts would begin to pop into my head about her. Occasionally the Hail Mary will pop into my head and I will say it. Listening to people talk about his relationship with her and how she is our mother is exciting now instead of only scary or confusing. I imagine that as I go along in this journey this all will only become even more true!

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