The Existence of God

What proof for God's existence do you find most convincing? How have you seen God acting in your life?
One of the major ways I see proof fro the existence of God is through his creation. I can see his power and might in the majestic mountains, the crashing waves, in the thunderstorm. I see his creativity in the individuality of snowflakes, the variety of people and animals, in sunsets. I see his concern for details in the way all of our cells work together to form a person, in the intricate wildflower, the way atoms interact with each other to create "new" things. I see creation pointing to God in light being both a wave and a particle at the same time as Jesus is both human and divine, in our minds and beings and souls being greater than just the sum of our parts. God has truly made "his eternal power and divine nature... understood and seen through the things he has made."

The other place I can clearly see God is through his action and calling in my life. I can see the way he prepared me to receive him long before I began to think of him. I can see the way he created me, the desires he placed in my heart, and the people around me, even when I claimed not to believe in him, as preparation for a later time. I can see the way he worked things out in his perfect timing, even when I didn't understand what was going on at the time. I can see how he created me with certain gifts and passions and how he has used those in my life. I have seen the ways he has spoken to me through the Bible, through other people, through circumstances, and directly to my heart.

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