God: Our Loving Creator

If scripture is God's inspired word, then it should play a central role in Christian life. Prayerfully read and reflect on next Sunday's readings. What do these readings reveal about God? What do they reveal about you?

Wisdom 9v13-18b; Psalm 90; Philemon 9-10, 12-17; Luke 14v25-33

When I read the Psalm, it reminds me of how big and totally "Other" that God is. God existed before any of this amazing creation. And even things that seem so old to me, like the Grand Canyon, were made only a second ago in the time frame of God. And yet somehow God still loves and care for me, as an individual.

In the passage from Luke, this totally "other" God wants me to follow him and be his disciple. He calls me to leave everything behind, everything that is familiar to me, even family, and to take up my cross and follow Him. It demands my allegiance. But even as he say this, he tells me it won't be easy and I should "count the cost." I need to decide if I'm willing to do this, if I'm willing to give over everything to him.

The Philemon passage again reminds me that the true discipleship God deserves is hard. Paul knows what the right thing to do is, but he still struggles with it. I can imagine that Onesimus is having similar feelings. When I know I am following God, I want it to be easy and I want all those problems from the past to disappear , but they don't. It isn't going to happen. I still have to face them and deal with them with the wisdom God gives me.

The passage from Wisdom reminds me I can't do any of this on my own. My plans are timid and unsure, but God has sent us his Holy Spirit, giving us the ability to truly follow him. The Holy Spirit leads and guides me to which path I should be taking. Even when my own wisdom fails me, the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit will keep me going where I need to.

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