Angels and Narnia

On Tuesday we talked a little bit about angels in my RCIA class since it was the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Angels have never been something I've thought about too much. I've kind of had a general belief in them and I don't think they are pretty people dressed in white, but that has been about it. I don't know if Protestants in general think less about angels than Catholics or if it is just me, but that has been my experience.

So as we were talking about all of this, I had this brief flash of understanding. I wonder if Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are to Narnia as angels are to us. They were created separately from the people in Narnia, just like angels are totally different beings. And then seemed to show up when the people/animals of Narnia where in need, just as angels come to our aid.

I know it doesn't strictly corralate, the Pevensies aren't messengers from God and don't live in heaven with Him. And they weren't around to watch out for the Narnians all the time. But it seems just close enough to give me this little flash of understanding of angels. I'll admit, I still don't totally get it, but it seems a little bit closer now.

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