The Rosary

So I've been thinking a lot about the rosary this weekend. I made one on Friday:

And on Saturday after Mass my parish had a Rosary Rally. We all prayed the rosary together.

I'll admit, I still don't really "get" the whole Mary and the rosary thing. I don't have a problem with it or anything, but I just don't really get it. But I suppose I have spent the last eleven years of being a Christian pretty much ignoring Mary, other than the brief mention at Christmas, so I can't imagine that all of a sudden I'll get it and have this great understanding of and relationship with Mary as the Mother of God.

So I'm just trying to be patient. I'm trusting that eventually it will come and I will get it. And I'm also trying to cultivate a relationship with her. I figure I'll never have any kind of relationship with someone if I don't put out a little effort. So I'm trying to pray at least a decade of the rosary every night. And we will see how it goes!

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