Just a Little Bit Longer

So hopefully I will get to be confirmed and receive First Communion at the end of November! Celebrating

I mentioned how were were supposed to think and pray about when we thought we would be ready to come into the Church and then to talk with our sponsors about that. So mine called last night and asked what I thought, so I told her and she pretty much said the same thing. So now while it is still up to the RCIA leadership team and to our pastor, I'm guessing I'm well on my way! And that is exciting!

And on a related note, all of you who grew up in the Church are so lucky! At Mass on Sunday, the kids were singing so they were the last ones to receive Communion. I was watching them receive because I was just a set of pews over from them. As I was watching, I just kept thinking how lucky they are to already be able to participate in the Sacraments. And here I am 10-15 years older than most of them and trying very hard to be patient for when I will be able to fully participate. Grin 4

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