The Holy Barbecue is Not For Hot Dogs!

So this is one of the useful things we learned the other night in RCIA! "The holy barbecue is not for hot dogs!" ROFL 2

Yes, there was a useful point to this bit of knowledge. We talked about the Sacraments of Initiation, baptism and confirmation. And since many people will receive these at Easter Vigil, we also talked a little bit about that. For those of you who don't know, Easter Vigil is the night before Easter day and is the first Easter celebration of the year. It starts with the whole church being dark and they light the Easter fire out side (in the "holy barbecue"). This is used to light the Easter candle which is then processed into the church. Everyone has a little candle which is lit from the Easter candle, so the room slowly fills with light. It is a really powerful time! But you don't get to cook hot dogs over the Easter fire. ROFL 2

But it was a good class all around. Our pastor came in and taught us this week. He kind of gave a short overview and then asked if we had any questions. And lots of people did so that was neat. Then he went through that chapter in our book to see if we had pretty much covered everything. Most of it I knew, but one really interesting thing he talked about was the funeral as kind of the fulfillment of baptism. He talked about how the cover the casket with a white cloth, a reminder of the white clothes they dress you in after your baptism. That is just really interesting. It makes sense, our baptism is our connection to God and in our death we are then completing that connection to Him. Neat!

I was also talking with my sponsor and telling her how I went to Mass this week and then got out at 10 and was like this is all I have going on today? And how weird that was. She told me they have a Women's Bible study on Sunday mornings. She knows the lady teaching it and said she would try and find out some more info and let me know. That would be nice. I really want to start getting to know other people in my parish!

So all in all, a good night!

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