Only 37 Days to Go!

So I'm getting closer and closer to making all of this official. Only 37 days to go! We talked about the Eucharist in class this week. We talked spent a little time talking with each other about our feelings about waiting and such and it was good to hear that I'm not the only impatient one! :D We also went into the Adoration Chapel for a few minutes and stayed for Benediction again. It was really amazing! I just sat there mostly just staring thinking, that really is Jesus, right there! And I can't believe I'm here thinking all of this! It really is still crazy some days! But I'm also incredibly excited! Celebration Dance

All of us who are planning on being confirmed and receiving First Communion in November met with the director for a couple of minutes. We will be having a welcoming thing on the 27th at the morning Mass and then have a little mini retreat that morning. That sounds exciting! And I can't believe that it is that soon!

She also made a comment to the group about how it is possible to finish the book, as I already have. Blushing She also said something about how it seems I have internalized all of this. It is true. I really am beginning to think like a Catholic. It is funny because sometimes people will post things on the CAF message board and I'll actually know the answer or think of something very "Catholic," and it will surprise me! I can't believe how much my thinking has changed. I guess that is the Holy Spirit at work and a sign that this really is where I belong!

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