In the Presence of Jesus

It really is crazy to think about how much I've changed in the past little bit. In some ways it seems like it have been forever and in others it has been incredibly fast! In some ways it is a bit scary, but even more so, really exciting!

I went to Mass this morning, and it was amazing as usual. Before Communion we sang this:

Jesus, Lamb of God, saving love for all,
Lord of heav’n and earth, Father’s love for all;
I bow to you.
Jesus, Lamb of God, saving love for all,
Lord of heav’n and earth; I bow to you, bow to you, I bow to you.
(Adoration by Matt Maher)

It was really powerful to be singing about that as I was literally there kneeling in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I love that!

I also went to Adoration this afternoon. Ever since we went to Benediction the second week of RCIA I've thought about going, but never really got up the guts to actually go. It isn't that there is anything in particular scary about going, just a something I've never done, so it took a little talking myself into it. But today I was sitting at lunch reading about silence. So I was thinking how nice a thing that is, but there are just so many distractions. So I was like, ok, I'm going! And I did. And it was amazing! I just sat there in the presence of Jesus for awhile; just soaking it all in. I wrote some and then just knelt there some more. I will definitely be back to see Jesus again!

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Elisa Morrison said...

I accidentally typed in the name of my blog wrong, and came across yours. God bless you in your journey. Sounds like a sweet walk of faith.