Crazy Me

So I mentioned that crazy me volunteered to speak for a minute on Saturday. As of right now, here is what I think I'm going to say. Thoughts? Comments anyone?

Eight months ago I walked through the doors of this church and into Mass. Even now I can't really explain why I came. I was happy in the Protestant church I was part of, I was active there and had, and still have, great friends there. As best as I can say, I came out of curiosity.

As I experienced that first Mass with all the sitting and standing, kneeling and responses, God spoke to me. It wasn't anything audible or spectacular, just a great sense of awe and reverence and a deep longing to return. So I did.

Here I am again in this church eight months later. A lot has happened in that time. I have read lots of books, asked questions, thought, and most of all prayed. And now I'm standing here, I have professed my belief in all the Catholic Church teaches, I have received confirmation, and soon I will receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. Eight months ago I never would have dreamed I would be standing here, but it seems fitting to both begin and end this part of my journey here in Mass.

And while this part of my journey has ended, I know the real journey has only begun. I feel like I have just walked through the door of a great Cathedral. As I look around at all there is to take in and explore, I know I will never see it all. But I look forward to trying and look forward to all of the great treasures I will discover here!

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Maryellen said...

Karen, I think what you plan to say is absolutly great. Short, concise, honest, and inspiring.

It will be an occasion of great joy and I rejoice with you.

I will look forward to walking with you as you grow in the Lord.