It is funny how some days I can walk into Mass and feel totally at home like I've been doing this for years. And other days I walk into Mass and think this is totally crazy, how did I end up here?!

Today was one of those second days. It isn't a bad thing, I'm firmly convinced this is where I belong, it is just a weird feeling. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that this is where I would end up. And some days the craziness of all of that hits me.

And at the same time that craziness makes me insanely excited! Monsignor got to the part in Mass where he says:

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread to offer, which earth has given and human hands have made. It will become for us the bread of life.
It just kind of hit me again. Here is this little piece of bread and soon it will literally become Jesus! How crazy is that and how EXCITING! Grin 4

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kyledawn said...

whoa whoa whoa.

a. you didn't let me know you were blogging again. shame on you.

b. you didn't tell me you were becoming catholic when i saw you this summer! (well, i haven't read the backstory ... maybe you didn't know then)

c. john wesley is sad. i don't mind so much though.