More Thoughts

Profession of Faith
One of the most amazing moments was to stand up there in front of the church, in front of Monsignor, the people who have been leading our classes, my friends, and tons of people I didn't even know and be able to say yes, I believe everything the Catholic Church teaches. And then to have Monsignor officially welcome me into the Church. I just grinned! Grin 4 I'm officially Catholic! How awesome is that!

One thing I quickly noticed about receiving confirmation is how good the oil smelt. It lingered, even when I got home I could still kind of smell it. I thought about how this really is a good symbol for what has happened. You can't see the oil on my head, there hasn't been any physical change in me, I still look just like I did yesterday morning, or last year, but I have changed. I want to have that lingering sweetness of the oil. I want to be that for the world around me.

First Holy Communion
I think by this point I was so totally overwhelmed with everything, I remember the least about this part. I do remember looking at Monsignor as he looked at me holding Jesus out to me for the first time. What an amazing thing! I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing! I think it actually hit me more when I went to Mass this morning, but more about that later.

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