Sinking In

It is slowly starting to sink in that I really am Catholic. I went to Mass again this morning, partly because it is just too weird not going to church on Sunday, partly because they had the Rite of Acceptance for the other people who were in my class, and partly just because I could!

It was a really neat experience to be able to participate in the Rite of Acceptance. I've been in class with all these people, so I know them and I'm excited for them. It was also powerful to remember that I really am fully part of this community that is welcoming them. I'm on the other side and now I have the privilege of cheering them on until they join us!

Receiving communion was really powerful today, in some ways even more so than yesterday. I think today I was able to just slow down and relax and focus better. It was powerful to finally walk up with everyone else for communion and feel like I belonged. It wasn't that I didn't really belong before, but it was different today.

Then as I got back to my seat to knell I was just soo full of awe and wonder at what had just happened. Even now as I type, many of those feelings come flooding back. I really did hold Jesus in my hand and then place Him in my mouth and receive Him into my self in the most personal and intimate way possible. And every week I'm able to come back and do it again and again! It is just the most amazing thing!

I love being Catholic!


marie said...

The world wants miracles yet at every Mass a Miracle occurs..Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of our Lord.
THAT is Miracle enough for me:)

God bless you and welcome:)

Your sister in Christ,


Karen said...

Thanks! And yup, the more and more it slowly sinks in, the more I'm amazed at the whole thing! :D

Marie said...


Ginny & I have made our own Christmas Award with a religious aspect.

We hope that you will accept it along with others on our blog roll and place it on YOUR blog:).

Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and Savior. Let's put Christ back into Christmas.

Take a peek at View from the Pews.

Peace & JOY to you:)


Maryellen said...

Karen, you described your experience so beautifully. It was touching. Thanks for sharing that awesome moment of the Eucharist with us.

May you carry such joy with you always.

On Nov. 23rd, I listed your blog with the Spirit of Christmas Award