St. Angela Merici... Pray for Me

I don't think I've mentioned here who I chose as my Confirmation Saint. Meet st. Angela Merici. As I was looking through Saints, I wanted someone different. I mean Mary and Teresea are great, but so many people choose them. Also, so many of the Saints are either martyrs or mystics, and again nice, but not really something I identify with.

Then I found St. Angela. You can read more of her story here. The part I identified most with is she noticed that the children around her, especially the young girls, were not being educated, religiously or otherwise. So she began teaching the children. Later she began organizing others to do the same. Eventually, after St. Angela's death, this group of women became the first teaching order of nuns.

Since I love working with kids and especially love teaching them the faith, I love her story.

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