Interesting Connections

I've had a few interesting conversations about my conversion with people at work this week. I was taking off early to go to my RCIA class, so my boss knew about it. He is Jewish, but has always asked about my church involvement and such so we have had a couple conversations about the whole thing. He asked how it went this weekend and if it was everything I thought it was going to be.

Then I was talking with another one of my co-workers about it since I don't have to leave early any more. She was saying that she used to go to church, but there were issues with the pastor at her church having an affair and such. So I said something about how it is nice that in the Catholic Church, the priests aren't married, so that cuts out on some of that and how there is a structure in place to deal with problems.

Later I was talking with another coworker, again since I didn't have to leave early, and I told her I was now Catholic. She was really excited with me which was sweet. I couple of days later she gave me a nice picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe which was also really nice of her.

Also since we were having that conversation while a couple of my night kids were there, one of them was asking what the difference between Catholics and other Christians was. He had gone to a local non-denominational church for awhile, so I was trying to explain pretty basically
a few of the differences and also how they are similar.

Those kinds of random conversations are always interesting. They come up every so often since I'm rather open about being a Christian and going to church and such. I've also gotten off early to go to things at church off and on ever since I started working there, so just mentioning why
I'm leaving early leads to that kind of stuff. It isn't a religious place at all so I walk a fine line, but I'm still thankful for all of the chances to share my faith in little ways!

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Marie said...

You never know when a seed will be planted:).

Peace & JOY to you Karen:)