Wow! It is the first Sunday in Advent! I went to Mass last night and it was just AMAZING! I tend to use that word a lot lately, but it is the best I have to describe Mass. Winking 5

It was a lot more simple, no procession coming in, less piano, more acapella singing. The church was dimmed and we won't sing the Gloria again until Christmas. It is a penitential season and you can feel that in all of your senses. I'm not even sure I can explain what was so different or powerful about it, but it was.

I have also decided that right before advent is a great time to come into the Church! I get to start this new Church Year in full communion with the Church. We are looking forward to the coming of Christ, both as a baby at Christmas and in glory in the second coming, and Christ has just come to me in a new way in the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist. It seems appropriate!

I was also struck by how powerful the name Emmanuel is within the context of the Catholic Church. The communion hymn had something to to do with Emmanuel (no it wasn't O Come...) and it was just amazing that here we are hearing Emmanuel, God With Us, and God really is right here with us in the Holy Eucharist! Really powerful! I love it!!!

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