How Alike We Are

It amazes me how much we are all alike. I discovered this show on the Travel Channel about people who live on this island of Tanna in the South Pacific. They live a VERY traditional life, nothing even remotely modern. Think National Geographic pictures of people walking around in practically nothing, living off the land. It is fascinating because despite how totally different our way of life is, in many ways we are exactly the same!

The guys all like to compete with each other and show off. The women complain about the men not doing enough work. The parents are eager to teach their children their way of life. The children learn from their familes. There is the always a "class clown." The kids love playing games. Special foods are great rewards for the kids. Special days are celebrated by lots of food and dancing. Growing up is scary. A child leaving home makes parents cry.

We really are all the same.

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