Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day and that the season continues to be a wonderful time of reflection on Christ's birth!

I had a great time. I went to Midnight Mass which was just AMAZING! Grin 4 I have always loved the late night services on Christmas Eve, but this was a thousand times better! Right before Mass started the whole church was totally dark and Father processed up the aisle with a little girl holding the Christ Child. They placed him in the manger scene at the front of the church. The the Christmas trees and the big star hanging above the altar were lit. Christ, the Light of the World, as come! Celebrating Christ has come to us in this tiny baby and will soon come to us in the bread and wine. What a miracle! How wonderful! Celebrating

Also as I was leaving the church after Mass and shaking Monsignor's hand he said something about this being my first mid-night Mass and I told him I loved it! Grin 4 I really like Monsignor and it is encouraging when he recognizes stuff like that. I like that he at least recognizes me. It is a HUGE parish, so that is nice.

Then I went to Mass on Christmas day again and that was equally wonderful! Every time I go to Mass I am more and more thankful that I get to be Catholic and get to participate in all of this! I LOVE it! Celebrating

Then I hung out with my friend and her family all afternoon and evening. It was great fun. They have basically become my family down here. I played with kids and got to see all of their presents and chatted with my friend and just had a great day. I'm grateful for them and that I can hangout there and just be comfortable and not feel like I'm invading anything. It is great to have friends like that!

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