Advent Mass

I'm not sure that I've mentioned how much I love being Catholic and going to Mass in the past day or so. Grin 4 My favorite priest said Mass today and I was once again reminded how much I love it all. He says Mass so slowly and reverently, not that the other priests rush through, not at all, but this one is even slower.

I love that during Advent it isn't all decorated for Christmas. There are a couple evergreen trees up, but nothing on them, and this week a big star appeared over the altar, but that is about it. Mass is quieter. The church starts out in darkness, well, as dark as it gets in the middle of the day. The priest doesn't process down the main aisle, but comes up from the side in silence and sits down. We have been doing the Kyrie in Greek and the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin.

I like that Advent is different. It isn't Christmas extended before Christmas. It isn't just normal with a couple of extra things thrown in. The whole thing is different. It really is a season of preparation. I'm not just getting ready for Christmas, putting up decorations, buying presents, sending out cards, but I'm preparing my heart to receive Christ in a new way. I've been watching and waiting. The anticipation has been building. I had a chance to "clean house" last weekend in reconciliation. My heart is getting ready to receive Jesus on Christmas!

Emmanuel! God is truly with us!


Lutheran Seeker said...


I also have benefited greatly from observance of the liturgical calendar. I have come to appreciate that the church operates differently from the world as it relates to preparation for Christmas.

By the way, I noticed from your profile that you live in Tucson. I graduated from Mountain View in 1995. It's good to have Tucson connections again! :)


Karen said...

Yup, I first discovered some of this in the United Methodist Church in college, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Advent, but it has become even better since I've been in the Catholic Church! :D

That is neat. I've only been here a little over three years, but for the most part I'm enjoying it. :)

MHL said...

This is a wonderful description of Midnight Mass. If I ever get up the nerve to actually convert, I hope I get to go to one as beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

MHL said...

Oops. Imeant to post that under the post above this one. Sorry. As you can see, I'm new at this whole blogging thing. :)