The Devil Acts Like Kids

I was listening to a podcast from Father John Riccardo. He was talking about the devil and said this:

The evil one knows he's lost the battle and he's just trying to reek havoc and he lost definitively at calvary, which is when his power was robbed. His game now is just to seduce and to frustrate, and to eternally frustrate if he can, us from reaching the goal, which is communion with God and union with each other.
It struck me as interesting because that sounds just like a bunch of the kids where I work!

All my kids will be playing some game together and be having a great time, but then someone gets mad, usually for some silly little reason. So she quits and stomps off and pout for a bit. Then instead of just getting over it and joining in the fun, she goes over and tries and drag her friends, and anyone else she can, away from the game they were enjoying. She isn't content with making her point by just quitting and pouting, no that isn't big enough. She wants as many people as she can get to side with her!

It drives me crazy when one of my kids does this!

So this is what the devil is trying to do to me. He has lost, God has won! Now the devil won't be content with just accepting this, he is trying to get me, and everyone else, to quit playing with God. If he can't, then no one else should either! So instead of getting dragged away from the fun I'm already having, I need to just stay in the game!

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Anonymous said...

What and awesome observation! Thank you for that teaching !!!!