Continuing the Journey

It has now been a little over a month since I became Catholic and I'm quite certain that being Catholic is the coolest thing ever! Every night as I sit down and pray a “Catholic” prayer, I'm more of it. Every time I get a chance to talk about it, I'm more sure of it. Most of all, every time I go to Mass, I'm more sure of it. I'm so incredibly thankful for this amazing privilege and blessing.

Some days I am totally in shock that this is where I ended up. I have no idea how I got here. Other days, I feel like I've been Catholic forever. Either way, I love it! I can't even begin to find words to express how much I love being Catholic and how much peace it has brought.

I'm now inside this great Cathedral and there is so much to explore and look at and learn. I'll never see it all, but I love discovering all of the new things!

I'm Catholic!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! It is good to hear from other new Catholics and read about your experiences. :)