Tired of it!

Grr, I'm frustrated right now. I'm tired of being grown up! I'm tired of dealing with money and not having enough and having to borrow more from my mom, again. It is all just so frustrating. I don't want a lot of money, I just want enough where I'm not having to worry about paying all my bills every month. I have pretty much given up on getting a new car any time soon. I'm just frustrated and worried. I know we are supposed to worry, but I'm not totally sure how to stop! I know I'm supposed to trust God, but my little logical mind gets in the way. I don't have the experience of all of a sudden getting a check in the mail at just the right time or stuff like that. I need to find the balance between planning and logic and letting God be in control.

On a happy note, my boss is great. Apparently it is teacher appreciation week so he has given us all little gifts Monday and today. Monday we got like silver stars in a nice box that says "to teach is to touch a life forever." Today we got plastic apples with candy inside. I think that is really nice of him!

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