Crazy Day!

Wow! What a day! So my kids were nuts and I have gotten tired of them not listening, to me and to each other. Every time someone is talking, other people are talking, other people are trying to ask me questions, people are playing, people are running around. And then it took them 15 minutes to line up facing the front and not talking! So I was tired of it and decided they needed practice listening! So we played Simon Says for 30 minutes. It was really funny cause at first I could tell they didn't think it was a big deal. Oh, we are just playing a game. But then they got bored and started realizing that they weren't going to get to play outside at all. Then they were a little grouchier about the whole thing. And then we had a nice long talk about listening and about when tattling is good (another BIG problem).

And then later a girl told me that one of the other girls and one of the boys were showing thier privates to each other! AHHH! Not good! So I had to talk to them and then later tell their parents. And then one of the other girls was just having a bad day or something because she wasn't listening at all and then threw I fit when I told her she was going to bed and kicked me and the later told me and and another girl to shut up. So I put her in the "dark room" (the room connected to ours with the lights off) and she finally settled down. But then I had to talk to her mom too. So the kids in general were NUTS today! But surprisingly, I'm not terribly frustrated. This week has actually gone really fast so I'm in a pretty good mood.

On a totally different topic, the chapter in the book I'm reading (Generous Orthodoxy) that I just finished was "Why I'm Methodist." It is interesting because 5 years ago, I NEVER thought I would be United Methodist. I had some bad experiences with a UM church in my home town. Nothing terrible, just a lack of living and active faith. Then in college I found there were some exceptions to what I had seen a lot of. And moving here, I have seen even more exceptions, a whole church full of them. I'm actually excited to be Methodist at this point. I'm still not sure that I agree with everything, but there are also a lot of things that I like. I like the connectional nature of the UMC. I like the history of the UM church. I think the early Methodists were amazing and had a very well rounded view of faith. I think God must be laughing at me, coming from there is no way that I would choose to attend a UM church to loving my church and being very committed to it and even the denomination as a whole.

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