Yea, the weekend! Actually this week went by really fast so it hasn't been to bad. More kids were crazy yesterday, but oh well. I did have fun with some of my favorite little kids too. It is so fun to walk into the two year old class because they are ALWAYS soo excited to see me. Makes you feel really good. And then when I was leaving last night one of the little girls had to run and hug me before I left, so cute.

And now for a weekend to enjoy. Right now I'm ready to go take a nap and I've been up for a whopping two hours. Then I may go read at Borders for awhile. It is nice to just get out for awhile and relax. Then I need to get ready for my Sunday School class tomorrow. And I guess that will be my day.

And a good quote from "The Silver Chair. " 'You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you.' said the Lion[Aslan]." In case anyone doesn't know, the idea is that Aslan is a representation of Christ. So my point is that we come to God because God is calling us. I guess that is the whole idea of prevenient grace, that God gives us grace before we think of Him so that we can come to Him. SO AMAZING!

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