yea, I love my church! So in case you haven't noticed, you are probably going to hear this every Wednesday and Sunday. I really enjoy the kids in my Sunday School class. We went in for communion today and that was really special. It is a very different experience from when I'm taking communion by myself. When I'm with kids it is more a communal experience, joining together with the Body of Christ. When I'm by myself it is more a personal experience, me and Christ. I think both are incredibly important and valid.

It was good tonight. The pastor was talking about being hopeful even when things aren't what we want them to be. He talked about Joseph and how even through all the stuff he went through never gave up on his dream. And he also lived faithfully in the midst of every circumstance. This was good for me to hear tonight. I do still want to go back to Latin America somewhere and work with the kids down there, but right now, it is hard to keep that dream alive. I'm so busy dealing with the basic day to day living, working, paying bills, all that stuff, and it is hard to look at my dream. So I guess right now I just have to live faithfully where I am. I have to use my gifts with kids at work and within my church. And to trust God that the dream will eventually come true.

I really liked one of the verses he mentioned too. Genesis 39:21 "But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love." I thank God that the same is true for me, and for everyone else.

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