Clean Water

I have lots of thoughts right now, but those will have to wait for tomorrow, just a quick one tonight. I love my church, but it has been a bit of a switch for me. Most churches I have been in have been TINY, usually active, but TINY! This one is huge, for me anyway. And even though it is a little odd, let me say I'm VERY thankful for their commitment to acting out their faith. One of the things we as a church have been supporting is a ministry in Liberia Africa. We have built a school and provided teachers. And recently we learned that there is no clean water, meaning 80 kids died last year because of diarrhea. So we committed to building a well and providing schooling for two nurses who will commit to coming back to the area and work for two years. So we wanted to raise $2500 for the well, and $4800 for two nurses to go to school for two years each. And I just read that we gave $14000! Amazing! I'm so thankful that we are able to help others. I'm also thankful that everyone was encouraged to participate. The kids saved change and brought it last week. Such a blessing to see them dump their cups into our "well" and give to help other kids just like them.

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