It is any wonder that the rest of the world doesn't always have the best view of the US. I get a daily e-mail from the BBC with news from all over divided by continent. The news for the whole of the Americas today was "Deep Throat" (ok, fairly serious), "The runaway Bride" (silly people who cost the US tons of money instead of simply admitting they don't want to get married) and the Michael Jackson trial. I mean really, is this the most important news that we can come up with in all of the Americas?

And for a random change in topic, work is a little frustrating right now. I'm ready to go back to my school year schedule! The lady who is in charge of the school age program is around all of the time now and is soo much more strict than either me or the older school age teacher, and she is frustrating us a little bit. She just says things occasionally that make me feel like she doesn't respect me. Who knows... And then there is another teacher who they just hired to work over the summer and she just confuses me. I guess she was supposed to work until about 6, but I didn't really need her until then and then she stayed until 6:30 for no random reason! Then today, after everything was cleaned up after dinner (when we usually go outside) she pretty much just sent me away. I talked to the other school age teacher and she said the pretty much the same thing, she is just weird.

On a more up beat, this is part of what I read yesterday. "The church is Christ's body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence." Ephesians 1v23 (The Message) I love this as a description of what the church is. That is how he speaks and acts, through us, his body. It is at the same time an amazing responsibility and an amazing privilege!

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