One Size Fits All?

I was at Bookman's (local used bookstore) today browsing. I came across a book called "Emerging Hope: A Strategy for Reaching Postmodern Generations." Now, granted I didn't actually read the book, so I can somewhat give it the benefit of a doubt, but... From reading the back, it sounded like, read this book and then you will know all about how to turn your church into an Emergent Church and reach the younger generation. Grrrr!

From everything I have read, that is the opposite of what the emergent conversation is supposed to be about as far as I can tell. The point isn't to put together yet another formula about how to run a church and then have everyone follow this formula and then you will be able to reach everyone. The point is more to have a conversation that involves everyone and to get back to the principles of Jesus, not a formula. I guess it is kind of like what I was talking about yesterday, finding a point that is off the line.

It reminds me of the "Following 'Church Models' " thread that was active awhile back. We see things that are working in other churches and then try and just copy them into our church, all the while forgetting about different people, different locations, and different callings. Sure, there are principles that we can learn from other churches, but I don't think God wants us to just flat out copy what is working in other churches. God created such a diverse group of people and cultures, why wouldn't He want an equally diverse group of churches?

random comment, Circle K is the best, they give me free drinks. I have discovered that when you bring your own bottle, not only are fountain drinks cheaper, but fairly often they just don't care and will give you the drink for free. One of those nice little things that can make your evening.

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