Prayers Please

Please pray for my boss. We are REALLY short staffed right now and my boss is having problems finding people. He has hired a number of people to only have them not show up. He has been looking for a couple of positions for awhile, but now we have lost the other person who closes. We were supposed to have someone else, but she called the day before she was going to start and quit. So that leaves me closing 4 nights out of the week, and possibly 5 in another week. It will be nice cause I'll have nice big paychecks, but at the same time it is exhausting. And this week I've been sick, but pretty much had to work anyway. And even after we finally get someone, it will be another week or two before they are totally trained and can close by themselves! So prayers that this would happen soon would be great!

To end on an up note, how about a funny story from one of my kids. I was chatting with one of my girls the other day. She and her dad are from Iraq and her dad's girl friend lives with them too. They are all really sweet. Ok, so back to the story. We were talking about what kinds of food we like and such. She told me she is allergic to bacon. I asked her if she was really allergic to bacon or if she just can't eat it. She told me that her dad can't eat it either. I said you can't eat it cause you are Muslim right? She said yes and that her "mom" could eat it. I was like cause she not Muslim right? She said no, she's Wisconsin!

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