Church closed for Christmas?

One of the things I keep seeing/hearing people talk about lately is the fact that some churches are closing on Christmas day. I have been thinking about it, and in many ways I can see both sides.

The churches that are closing say that they are doing it to allow families to worship together at home. They realize that Sundays can often become rushed and stressful for those with children or for those in charge and that a holiday will often add to that stress. They want people to have a more relaxing and less hurried day.

I do understand these problems, especially for people like pastors. The pastor, and anyone else in charge, often spends MANY hours at church, and even more hours planning for church! But at the same time, they knew that getting into it. This is where God has placed them, both good and bad. And as for planning hours, it is the same number of Sunday's every year, so just because it is on Christmas, doesn't mean it is more work.

The churches that are staying open say that Sunday is our day of worship, so why not worship on Christmas. Especially since Christmas is about the ONE we worship. Why can't we afford an hour or so out of our Christmas day to really focus on Jesus? They also point out that because Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, people who are not Christians may often feel the desire to come to Church on Christmas.

I don't really see the last idea. I know in other places church on Christmas in the norm, but it really isn't here in the US. I would say Christmas eve services are a bigger deal and I don't know of any churches that are closing both days.

As for the first point, many will argue that we can worship just as well at home, and that is true. But there is something special about worshiping with the larger body of believers. I can't really put my finger on it, but it is there. So why not take advantage of the chance to spend Christmas with our large family?

As for me personally, I'm excited that my church will be holding services on Christmas. I'm excited about the focus on Jesus and just the chance to spend time with my church family. Also as a single person who is far away from home, it is nice to have something planned and not to have to worry about what I will do. Besides, I would end up spending my day with someone from my church family anyway, why not have the chance to spend it with many of them!?

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