It has been a crazy week, so I haven't gotten around to writing about RCIA this week yet, but better late than never! Smile 5

I had an interesting conversation before class started with a couple of ladies about the whole having a sponsor/companion thing. It sounds like it hasn't been the most organized thing in the past, but they are trying really hard to work on that and it is going well. We all got sponsors last week, well those of us who needed on, and they seemed really excited that we all seemed to be chatting quite a bit and getting along well. They were talking about how they really hoped that our sponsor would both be part of the journey and help connect us to the parish community. For example we have the parish fiesta coming up and I think they hope that our sponsors will invite us or something.

That excites me because that is the hardest part for me right now. I've dropped stuff at my Methodist church (in fact this is my last week teaching Sunday School), but haven't really replaced anything yet. And being active in my church is extremely important to me! It is who I am! So it is really hard being patient as I go through this whole transition stage.

It does help that I've been blessed by some amazing friends who have been really encouraging even though this isn't their journey. It was interesting, one day as I was chatting with my boss he asked if I thought I'd still be friends with the people I'm closer to at my old church. I told him without a doubt, yes! I'm thankful that I'm able to say that. It makes the transition a lot easier knowing that I'm not leaving everyone behind and that I have all these people who I love and still support me as I'm slowly becoming part of this parish. Celebrating

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