I Get It!

I've read a lot of people conversion stories in this whole process of thinking about converting. And one thing I never really "got" was this huge anticipation for when they could finally receive the Eucharist. I mean I kind of understood that it would be a special moment and important and all, but I didn't really "get" this impatient waiting. I guess I kind of figured, I haven't received for 25 years, what is another few months. The you can't miss something you've never had kind of idea.

Well, I get it. The more sure I am about all of this and the more I go to Mass, the more I get it! I want to fully participate! I want to receive Jesus! I don't think it helped this week that I was reading the sections on the sacraments in my book, so that make me even more excited for the time when I will be able to participate. It is getting harder and harder to go up an cross my arms for a blessing. I get it!!!

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