Conversion Stories

I've been reading a bunch of people's conversion stories online again. I read a bunch when I first started going to Mass and thinking about all of this, but at the time it was a curiosity, what are other people's experiences and feelings toward all of this.

This time it seems different though. When I read them I begin to get excited. I start thinking about where I am in the story. And what it will be like as I go through the rest of the process. I read about the amazement and awe of First Communion and I think about how I will feel when it is my turn. Yup, I imagine that is a sign that I'm getting more and more committed to this by the day!

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George @ Convert Journal said...

Karen, I have included you in my "Convert Stories" listing ( Please let me know if you would like any changes to your entry and consider adding the "badge". Thanks.