Total Awe!

Mass tonight was just amazing! I'm not even sure why, it was just a normal Mass. I would guess it has to do with class starting in three days and me getting more and more excited about that. And i think I'm getting closer and closer to making that final jump of faith, that I really do believe in all of this, every last bit.

But I literally spent like half of Mass almost shaking, from the Consecration on. I was just so in awe of God and of the whole thing! And during communion as I knelled there, I usually pray, but I could express anything but amazement. I just knelled there and watched. I don't even really remember what I was thinking. I just know I was in awe.

I'm getting more and more excited about this whole thing! The scary part hasn't really gone away, but it is beginning to be overshadowed by my feelings of excitement.

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