I'm CLEAN ! ! ! ! !

I'm clean! That is all I can think right now! How fresh and clean I am! I'll give you one guess which Sacrament I received today. Winking 5

So I finally actually got to talk to Monsignor on the phone, after only 6 days of phone tag. And what does he say? "Can you come in about an hour?" I calmly told him that would be fine, while instantly beginning to shake inside! Yup, that nervous excitement building up in me all at once.

I'll try and write more about the whole thing later when I can think and process better, but for now, just whatever comes to mind.

The whole thing is a powerful experience, but at the end, he put his hands on my head and says the words of absolution. It is just AMAZING! God is really washing away all of my sins through the hands of Monsignor! How cool is that?! Then he prays for me that I would be strengthened. And at the end, he gives me a big hug and tells me how excited and happy for me he is!

It is funny, you read all about how God uses everyday, physical things in the Sacraments, water, bread, wine, touch, oil, but it doesn't really hit you until you participate. How lucky am I to be able to have the VERY physical memory and reminder of the Sacrament to remind me I'm forgiven, of everything! It is one thing to think back to the words he said, or even before to think back to how I would just pray for forgiveness, but now I have the reminder, Monsignor touching my head to remind me that I'm forgiven and to remind me to "go and sin no more." It is so much more powerful that way! Amazing, God knew what He was doing! Winking 5 Grin 4


Marie said...

Thankyou for sharing this beautiful experience. I love this particular Sacrament as only God can restore what we have broken.

You have a lovely blog Karen..Your JOY envelops all who read it.

I hope you dont mind if I add you to our blog roll? It's 'View from the Pews'.

Thanking you in advance:)

Peace to you:)


Karen said...

Thanks for the kind words! And by all means, add me to your blog roll! :D

Sr. M .Grace said...

Dear Karen, Peace to you. I was led to you from Marie's blog, and I share your joy. Please be assured of prayers these next days. 'The Lord is near, have no anxiety about anything.'
My humble and sisterly gift to you: http://WordofGodEveryday.com
a 'spiritual vitamin' everyday, complete with God's Word and gifts from so many saint friends.
God bless you. Sr. M. Grace

Karen said...

Sr. M. Grace,

Thanks for the prayers! And for that website, it is really neat.