I'm Clean!

A couple of weeks before I was to be received into the church, I called Monsignor to make an appointment for my First Reconciliation. We spent a number of days playing phone tag, but we finally actually talked and he asked if I could come in about an hour. I told him that would be fine, and began shaking inside!

I got there and he talked for a minute about what Reconciliation is all about and then went through the Ten Commandments and I would confess anything related to each one. He made a couple of comments and then gave me my penance. Afterwards he then put his hands on my head and prayed the prayer of Absolution. That was the most amazing thing ever! I knew that all of that stuff was totally GONE and I was CLEAN! Then he gave me a big hug and welcomed me home.

The whole thing was an amazingly wonderful experience! I just felt to happy and clean inside. It also made me REALLY excited as it meant this part of my journey was ending, soon I would be fully Catholic. This was the first Catholic Sacrament that I received! I was almost there!


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